Goodbye TWoP, Old Friend

20140329-225422.jpgI found out today that Television Without Pity (or TWoP) is closing in a couple of days. I don’t think the archives of recaps that entertained me and validated my TV obsession will be accessible after 4 April. Their detail, their snarkiness, their understanding that hating is loving when it comes to Dawson’s Creek or Alias or Buffy, all will be dearly missed.

I stopped reading when I stopped watching TV in that pre-child way (marathon followed by marathon, time stretching out like a long, straight road). I wonder why everyone else stopped too. Did we just grow up? Did we not bring along any younger TV lovers? Do we consume TV so differently nowadays that there is no demand for an undoubtedly painstaking recapping service?

It makes me feel sad and, stupidly, guilty – like it was my lack of recent visits that brought the site to an end. I suppose I thought that these words would be available to re-read whenever I want. I have over the years revisited particular recaps like I’m visiting old friends. The recap of Dawson grieving his dad’s death by ice cream is a thing of beauty. Now I’m feeling panicky that these words are to be lost forever. I have a horrid feeling I will be spending a few hours tomorrow night saving those words instead of planning my lessons for the week.

A New Look


Despite the fact that I rarely update it, I love the theme of my Raising Evelina blog so much that I have decided to bite the bullet and use it over here too. I was wavering because of the lack of sidebar (and I do love a sidebar) but I figured the large majority of people who read this (which is basically me and occasionally my mum) don’t probably use my sidebar anyway. This is pretty and clear and simple and uncluttered. And so pretty. Oh, I said that already.



I don’t generally think of myself as an unhappy person. I have a wonderful family, a great (if demanding) job and a lot of superb friends. Yet I was still intrigued by the #100HappyDays challenge that I had heard of – a colleague was doing it in order to focus on the positive things about our job as she was feeling somewhat disillusioned beneath the weight of the administrative duties of her new middle-manager role. The #100HappyDays website answered the question ‘why would I try’ by saying that people who have successfully completed the challenge claim to:

- Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
- Be in a better mood every day;
- Start receiving more compliments from other people;
- Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
- Become more optimistic;
- Fall in love during the challenge.

I am far too new at this teaching lark to be disillusioned but I already know the constant feeling of not being quite good enough, not being quite on top of things and the constant fear of letting the kids down. At the beginning of the year, I chose ‘positive’ to be my word for 2014 and right now, deep into the Spring Term with the clock ticking on my underachieving year 11s, I am struggling to keep that word at the forefront of my mind. Whilst my fundamental happiness may be intact, my day-to-day mood is less ‘happy’ or ‘positive’ and more ‘panicked’ and ‘exhausted’.

Enter #100HappyDays. I am doing this challenge to remind myself what a special career I have. I am doing it so I don’t lose sight of my priorities. I am doing it so that I can allow myself to focus, if only for a few moments a day, on myself instead of all the other people (big and small) in my life who I want to care for. My first two entries have involved TV and bacon which I would say is fairly representative of what makes me feel good. I wonder what the next 98 days will involve. I will be posting mainly on Instagram if you want to follow.

My Weird Hobby

20140114-204630.jpgMost people spend their time doing productive things or worthwhile things on the internet like Reddit or cats or memes. I like to fawn over pretty china I’m never going to buy. These are some of my favourites.

  1. Cornishware – we already have this but it’s so expensive and we need more!
  2. Cath Kidston Mushrooms
  3. Cath Kidston Provence Rose
  4. Le Creuset breakfast set