Getting Organised


Being without a fixed abode for a few months and two moves in six months can lead to a feeling of chaos and panic when it comes to our home affairs. Add to that losing our case of personal documents (car records, birth certificates, passports – everything), it’s safe to say that I am looking forward to having some time next week to wrestle our paperwork back into shape.

To help with our handling of paperwork going forward, we are setting up a home management station in the kitchen and I am loving the post filing system in our new bookcase. The chalkboard labels, the cute baskets and the simplicity of the system all make me very happy.

5 things I want to do at half term


  1. Take some pics of the new house. The one above is a taster!
  2. Write some more of my book.
  3. Catch up on home admin as it’s stressing me out – I don’t recommend losing all your important documents when you move house, by the way.
  4. Watch Vampire Diaries – I was bought season 1 ages ago and haven’t got round to watching it yet.
  5. Read a damn book.

Word for 2015


Last year’s word was Positive. I think I maintained that for the most part with some notable lapses. This year, I had to think hard about what my focus should be. I settled on ‘Protect’ because my biggest focus (mainly) at work is to protect myself better. To protect my feelings better. I open myself up way too much and it makes me vulnerable. Unfortunately, I think it is also one of my strengths as a teacher – the ability to be candid with students about who I am and how I am feeling. I don’t want to care less about the kids but I do want to protect myself better so I don’t get so hurt and frustrated at their apathy, callousness or indifference. I think I thought by this stage in my life, my skin would have thickened a bit. I really thought I would out-grow my sensitive nature. Maybe next year I will crack it.

Longhand Journal


I’m trying a new kind of journalling at the moment using a page-a-day diary and so far I’m enjoying it. What I write bears little relation to the day on which it’s written which allows me to write a few days at a time. I am writing from prompts or from the heart – whichever feels right. Some writing is personal, some somewhat philosophical and some mundane. I feel good about that.

I am sure I will come back to the online blogging form of journalling sooner or later but for now, when my writing time is wedged into the day, it seems easier to write longhand than to get time alone with my laptop to type. Maybe having my own workspace will change all this and maybe once the house is photo-ready, I will be back sharing news on the house and my crafty plans for it. Right now though, I’m digging the offline writing experience.

Starting Project Life


I have always been tempted to start some kind of scrapbook but had never really been attracted to the amount of fuss that goes along with it so when a blogger I follow, Elise Blaha Cripe, started sharing her Project Life spreads, I was intrigued. The system, developed by Becky Higgins, uses plastic wallets which fit photos and printed cards for journalling and decoration. It’s simple, modern and attractive. I love it already. Last night, I spent some time on my first two spreads and I really pleased with them. I will get some washi tape (all of mine is in storage) to embellish and label the photos and be on the look out for fun stamps and stickers but otherwise, nothing else is really needed.

These are Week 1 28 July – 3 August:

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

These are Week 2 4August – 10 August:

photo 3

photo 4

In Summer

believeTerm has ended and if we weren’t about to move out of our house and be homeless for 4 months, I’d be so excessively chill right now but as it is we have a LOT to do before Friday morning. It’s a strange feeling to be moving without our house being ready (built!) and because of this, it doesn’t feel completely real. Come Friday afternoon, I will finally be able to relish the fact that I have completed my NQT teaching year successfully and have 5 weeks of summer holiday left to do the many, many things I want to do.


37 Things – 1 Month Left



Of my 37 things, I have 12 still to complete:

  1. Read 50 books in a year 12 months – I’ve read 33 books since my last birthday so far meaning I have to read 17 in one month… I am not sure I will manage this one!
  2. Re-watch the whole of Lost – almost complete. I will definitely get this one done.
  3. Make a quilt – nope
  4. Write a weekly daily monthly journal from 2014 – nope
  5. Start a Project Life binder – I want this for my birthday so fingers crossed.
  6. Write a story – I have written SOME of a story. I doubt I will finish by the end of July.
  7. Go to a Zumba class – totally doable
  8. Go to a Pride parade – Leamington has a Pride festival today so this is doable.
  9. Visit Italy – Not happening this year :-(
  10. Paint the front door – no point since we are moving!
  11. Customise the cushions in the lounge – nope
  12. Fully qualify as a teacher – should be in the bag!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about this. As for the ones I won’t get done, I need to decide if they will make it onto my 38 things list which I will be making on my birthday.


Terrible Limbo


Probably one of the most uncomfortable situations for me to be in is limbo. The not knowing, the uncertainty, the lack of control, it unravels me. Lately, I have been in a constant state of very low-level anxiety. It bubbles away and I don’t really know it’s there until something flares up and suddenly, I’m not coping as well as I should.

Whilst we have no reason to doubt that the sale of our house and the purchase of the new house will go ahead as expected, the lack of certainty pre-exchange along with the lack of any forecasted move date and the slow progress all means that I feel unable to get on with anything at all be that packing, house clearance or school work. We can’t make proper plans for anything. We can’t throw ourselves into planning for the new house since a) it might not happen still and we don’t want invest too much in it (emotionally as well as financially) and b) we can’t move in until it’s built which is now looking like November.  That said we were able to make our kitchen, tile and carpet choices for the house which was equal parts fun and stressful (we want to get it right so badly!). I just hope we haven’t just wasted 2 weekends on choices for a house we don’t end up getting for some reason.

I find myself settling down to work or watch TV or even cook dinner and I have Exam Nerves with Sunday Night Feeling mixed with I’ve Done Something Bad (which I don’t think I have!) and it takes me a minute to realise it’s the limbo. The very low-level nature of my anxiety means that outwardly I am able to function pretty normally having fun weekends and yucking it up at work but it’s tiring. We knew that choosing a new house would mean feeling displaced for a while. This limbo waiting for everything to happen is making that displacement seem like a cakewalk in comparison. I hope I am right about that! I just need to keep repeating the mantra above: when nothing is sure, everything is possible.


5 things we did this bank holiday weekend


  1. We celebrated Rich’s brother turning 40
  2. Rich and I celebrated being married 11 years
  3. We had lunch with Dad to celebrate his birthday
  4. We watched Captain America 2, Thor 2 and the Hobbit 2.
  5. We bought a brand spanking new house. Gulp.

There is still a long, long way to go (for instance, they need to build it, we need to get all the finances approved) but this is so blimmin’ exciting I can’t even tell you. Between now and October (anticipated completion) I am going to pinning to Pinterest within an inch of its life.