We Were Liars


One of my teaching colleagues recommended this book to me and I read it one weekend – I couldn’t put it down. It is a story of a privileged, rich family and the teenage cousins who summer together every year.


The protagonist, Cadence, has suffered some kind of brain injury which means she doesn’t remember what happened to her on the island two years ago. She returns to the island aged seventeen and tries to piece together the events that have had such a huge impact on her and her family.

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It is emotional and brilliantly told. The characters felt so real and I loved them all. It is poetic and yet realistic and it took my breath away with its ending.

Favourite quotation: ‘Be a little kinder than you have to’

An Oversight


It just goes to show how different things are the second time around.

I was procrastinating of a Sunday evening (so far, so normal) and trying to decide about where to go with my blogs (this one and Raising Evelina). I just don’t write in the same way I used to and I seem to have replaced the blog with Instagram as my go-to way of sharing my life and my news.


Certainly, this was apparent when I realised I had not really announced here that I was expecting a baby. I am, by the way, and 22 weeks along! Compared with the first time I was pregnant, where I updated my blog with weekly updates and more in between, I find myself struggling to find time or suitable motivation to write in the same way.



Becoming a teacher has made it necessary for me to be more careful about what I share online and I definitely find myself avoiding sharing in the way I used to about my real thoughts and feelings Just In Case. I also feel more self-conscious than ever about writing posts that will be shared on Facebook and yet without my Facebook audience, few would be reading at all. It’s a bit of a vicious circle (although admittedly the word vicious is hyperbolic given the circumstances). I’m left unsure how to continue or whether to continue. I might start a whole new blog to consolidate this blog here and Raising Evelina. . I might create a new blog just for Baby Two. I might give up blogging altogether.

I guess all of these words could be reduced to the following:

a) I’m having another baby

b) I don’t know what to do about my blogs here or at Raising Evelina.

c) We are having a baby. And it’s a boy!



A Week in the Life

AE_WITL_StoriesMatter1I took an Ali Edwards Storyology workshop some time ago and have wanted to participate in another workshop but have not managed to find the time. When I saw that her Week in the Life project ran during the summer break, I took the plunge and ordered the kit, knowing that this would make it much more like to happen.

Today is the first day of that week and I am really happy with the photos I have taken to document my day. I still need to work out how I am going to fill the plastic pocket pages but this seems like it will be fun and illuminating as I try to capture the ordinary for a change. It is also one of my 39 Things; I’ve already managed to do 14 of these since 28 July.


39 Things

39thingsI had mixed success with my list of 38 Things from last year but I’m at peace with the things I didn’t manage  to accomplish. Today I turn a scary 39 so I have renewed my list – some things remain but some have been removed and replaced.

Back at the Keyboard

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 20.26.11

Although my crafting has dropped off dramatically, I have been doing more writing. It’s not enough writing: it’s not regular enough. But it’s a start. One of my issues with writing (whether it’s blogging or ‘proper’ writing) is that I wasn’t using my laptop much – it was bulky and usually tucked away out of sight. Now I have it set up in my new study, it is even more inaccessible. Writing on the iPad just doesn’t work for me for more than texts or tweets so I needed something more portable that would encourage me to be able to write every day.

My new MacBook is already helping me to develop into a regular writing habit. Plus it’s so pretty. I made my desktop background a mix of pics of my family and the Penguin Threads books I have bought for some future birthday present for Lina. I’m hoping these will provide suitable inspiration.